Vidyartha College FaceBook virus

Apparently there’s a worm or a virus going around Facebook.  

If you’re surfing through there, and are asked to update any software, Don’t!   This thing has been said to grab hold of your system and take over.   It will also take control of your Facebook account and mail all your friends to surf you and then they’re infected too. Facebook is saying its a Bug not a Virus, but treat it as a virus and be safe.

Mostly its hitting people in India or those with friends there.  Predictable with a name like Vidyartha but thats a different story since that is a college in Sri Lanka.

Currently there is no cure for this virus, er bug.

A few days ago, I did a long winded explanation on how to scan your PC for viruses using Microsoft’s tool.   If you’re on windows, and you’re not totally confident about your protection, the link below will give you full and long winded directions on how to scan your PC.   You’ll need your favorite soft drink, a block of “quiet time” and an internet connection for that.   Since you can read this, you have two out of three…

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