Backyard Background Greenery

This is my back yard, or at least a piece of it.  Folks here in South Florida would look at this and think that its all nice and normal.   Up North they’d think I got attacked by an Ikea or Home Depot or Lowes indoor plant display.  
Nope, not really.   I have to weed this mess, but that’s fine because I have a wall of greenery that looks wonderful on the background of the PC.   All those low lying palms and Philodendron leaves also make for a very secluded back yard when they grow in.   The plants in the lower part of the picture are Philodendron and the leaves are more than a yard or a meter in length.   If I have to trim the plant, I cut a leaf off and stick it in water and use it as an accent in the living room.
I live in a place with plants that people in other places call “House Plants” and fret because they’re small.

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