Bamboo Garden in Key West Picture

Yes, I do like taking Pictures.   There are a lot of things to catch the eye here.   When you have a camera and the time to take a picture, you end up with a lot of “background” shots.

This one caught my eye because of something I had been told of Bamboo.   I was told, although it may be an urban legend, that all Bamboo all over the world blooms all at once and then dies back to grow again.   I was standing on a porch in a back yard in Key West looking over the lush forest that was there and noticed what looked like a flower spike to me growing out of the bamboo thicket.   You can see it in the middle of this picture sticking up like an arrow.   I may not be right about the life cycle of the plant, but here it is for your entertainment.  After reading that link on Wikipedia, it seems that that is just another Bamboo Shoot.   I wonder how it would taste Stir Fried?


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