Blue Skies meet the Florida Straits

By this time I had left Key West.   Beautiful day for a drive.   When you get out on the bridges on that thin ribbon of concrete you see blue and palm trees.   That’s about it, but boy was it a lot of beautiful blue and palm trees.  
You just don’t get these kind of views up North.   The water is clear and blue because it is too warm for the Algae to live in it.   Green seas are what you get when you cool down the water as anyone in SC or NJ or MA could tell you.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the waters are any cleaner in FL although they are for the most part, it means they’re just warmer.  The rare days it would get to 72 in the ocean at the Jersey Shore, everyone would be sweltering in the heat and running to the “warm” waters.   When it is 72 in the ocean off of the Florida Keys, it is winter.  
But as I said, there are only a few Keys Trip Pictures left, so enjoy!   I’ve been back in Ft Lauderdale at the time of writing for more than a month and just putting these up so family can enjoy them.

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