The View After New Years Lunch

After leaving Briny’s Restaurant, and a wonderful Fish and Chips dinner, we left and headed back to the car.  This series of Pink Columns is the underside of the Andrews Avenue Bridge over the New River in Downtown Ft Lauderdale.  You are looking East toward Downtown at the Riverwalk.  Riverwalk is a pedestrian mall full of restaurants and some historic buildings that look out on the New River.   It hasn’t really taken off as well as hoped, but it is nice enough to get to on a weekend for a bit of sightseeing as you can see from this view. 
There are just enough businesses open to make it look interesting for a tourist, and on the weekend you can go to the Jazz Brunches and bring your dog along.   If you enjoy Jazz Music, there are various acts that are there that will please you from live bands to recorded music.   It gets to be a rather interesting place to go with your dog, and there’s one day a month that the restaurants will allow your dogs to eat with you outside. 
Nice to have your dog with you as long as it isn’t a yapper!

2 thoughts on “The View After New Years Lunch

  1. You have a point there. Too many people out there think their poor Fluffy or Pheyedough (Say it aloud) could never charge another dog when a good dose of training would help the owner … oh and the dog as well.

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