Better to Cyber Monday than Stand in Line on Black Friday

Better yet still to shop locally, but this is a different thing.

You see this was supposed to have been the biggest Cyber Monday yet.  Cyber Monday is that day when everyone goes to work after the long Thanksgiving weekend having stood in line on Black Friday and the weekend.  Now that you have missed one or two things, you’re banging away at the office internet trying not to get caught shopping online.

The reality is even if you spent more online on Monday, you probably saved over going through the hour long wait at the big box store for the same item.

Think about it.   Spend an hour in line.   It took you 30 minutes to get there.   It cost you a gallon of gas round trip, maybe more.  That hour and a half in transit if you make $50K a year is worth about $37 for a savings of maybe 10 or 20 dollars if you actually found the item you were looking for.

Still better to shop locally where the majority of the money you spend stays in the city or county you live in, but some simply don’t see it that way.

So if you stood on line for a Midnight Madness sale I hope you got your things.  You gave the rest of us some entertainment.

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