How I Spent My Saturday Afternoon – Picture

My dog is teaching me bad habits.  Some would say simply eating hamburgers is a bad habit, I’m not so sure.  I’ve had some really good burgers but these aren’t what anyone would call “good”.

In fact, they’re about 10 percent Panko Bread Crumbs.

Yep, more LettieBurgers (TM). 

See I ran low on food for the dog.  Since I had 5 pounds of low grade, 77% “lean” beef sitting in the freezer, I made this mess up. 

I’ve been on a training diet since I was a teenager.  High protein, low fat is the general rule.  My dog requires the exact opposite.  I’m learning how to eat badly for a person because for a 12 year old dog with weak kidneys and a bad thyroid, that is how they need to survive.

In March we nearly lost her due to the thyroid problem compounded with her Chronic Renal Failure.  I knew something was up when she passed out against the chair I was sitting on.  By the time Summer hit, we were being educated on what to feed and what not to feed.  Low phosphorous, low potassium, low salt and so on. 

No peanut butter I’m afraid, girl!  Too bad, she loved the stuff.  One day I forgot and gave her some and it literally took her two days before she was normal again.

Basically the recipe is 1 pound beef, 1 egg, plus 1 cup of bread crumbs and form into a burger. 

Why?  Well some dog foods are around 26% protein.  This cuts that back so that she can eat 2 ounces in the morning, two more at night.  I slip her 1/2 of a thyroid pill each time.

When she starts refusing burgers, I’ll have to find something else, but for now, it’s a solution to a furry little problem.


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