I am Rack, Who Are You? – Picture

For no other reason than the camera was in reach. 

Rack was slinking around the house.  Looking bored and looking like he wanted attention but wasn’t sure how to ask.

After he didn’t leave with 5 minutes of petting him, I hooked a finger under his collar.  Bending down to pick him up, I think he was more surprised than anything else.

New things scare the dog, routine is best.

He made it up onto my grey shirt and settled in immediately.  Eventually he did get up, more from my needing to get rid of a glass of Iced Tea than anything else.  A solid hour of him sitting on my lap while I watched some documentary on the TV.

Not bad for a fearful dog who hides when the trash truck drives by.

Next time I’ll try an Animal Documentary.  Dogs do like to watch other dogs and other animals on TV.  The last time I watched a bit of fluff about dogs, the house was quiet.  Since he was being curious and there were no distractions, he walked over to the screen and sat down in front of it.  The dogs were running around a street being trained, and it looked like he was wanting to join them.

Our very own little black and white puzzle.


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