The Magician and the Parrot

There’s this cruise ship and there’s a magician that works on the ship and the captain had a parrot that liked to go to the show everynight.

The parrot understood the show and since it could talk it would give away everything.

“ohh, he’s puttin’ it in his sock bbbrrrrrrkkkkk”
“he put it up his sleeve bbbrrrrrrkkkkk”
“its in his hat bbbrrrrrrkkkkk.”

And the magician just hated this bird.

One night he just snapped and he pulled out a pistol and he shot the bird and the bird ducked.

The bullet misses the bird and it hits a propane tank and blows the ship to a billion pieces.

The only survivors are the parrot and the magician and their floating out in the middle of the ocean on two little pieces of wood.

… and the parrot goes “Alright I give up. Wheres the damn ship?”.

A Sweet Couple – and – Of Dogs and Sausages

A couple was having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

As the food was served, the husband said, “the food looks delicious, let’s eat.”

Wife: honey… say prayer before eating at home.

Husband: that’s at home sweetheart……here the chef knows how to cook.

Best Slogan on a married person’s T-Shirt : “Please Do Not Disturb me, I am Married and already very Disturbed”



Of Dogs and Sausages

America’s favorite variety of sausage is called a hot dog.

At elevated temperatures, it’s a hot hot dog.

I have a pet canine that really likes to eat these elevated temperature sausages. You might say he’s a hot hot dog dog.

He eats them even when he’s outside in the summer. On days like that, he’s a hot hot hot dog dog.

One day my friend asked me why my pet was engorging himself on its favorite food in the middle of the summer. I said to him, “He’s a hot hot hot dog dog, dawg.”

Happy Thanksgiving

We’re having a bird.  Actually a chicken, but it’s close.  Someone in the house hates turkey, and frankly I’d rather not have a freezer stuffed with a 17 pound carcass worth of meat plus all the soup I’d have to convince myself to make.

Now, mind you, Rack the McNab SuperDog (TM) will not be having any of it.  The chicken will be cooked with Onions, and they’re toxic to dogs.  Chicken makes him sick because he’s got a grain allergy.

Sorry Pup, you’re noing to have to settle for your usual dog food!

In fact, there really isn’t anything that will be on the typical Thanksgiving table that you should feed to your dog.  It either has too much fat, sugar, seasoning, or is just downright Toxic.

Here is a list of ten foods to avoid feeding your pets.

So if you do celebrate the day, do enjoy it.  If you don’t you can enjoy it however you normally would.

But for me, I’m going back to watching TV in Spanish to practice.  See, I’ve been doing that all day and it’s getting easier.

Oh, and make sure that you bird has been thawed appropriately.  If not, fill the sink and plug it with luke warm water and put it in the water.  The water will “draw off” the cold and bring it up to temperature faster – you do not want to use hot water since it will cook it, and even breed bacteria.

Guard Duck and Jeep

I literally could not leave the house.

My view from my front door was clear, and clearly blocked.

The new Impact Glass front door is very open, if the glass was not in the door, I could easily walk through it.  I have a much more open view of the world now.

On the other hand, if I can see out, others can see IN.

I’ve gotten more careful with what I am doing inside the house, privacy’s sake, I’ll call it.

After all, there are certain things you may need to do that you don’t necessarily want to be on view when you do it.  There’s a coating on the glass that makes it slightly darker inside than out, and if I haven’t cleaned it, it’s actually reflective.

All that aside, I’ve got a new habit as well.  Even though the old jalousies would block some of the view with horizontal lines, I have great big panes of impact glass across the front of my house.  Of course that’s not really relevant, I want to go to the front door and look out.

This one particular time I walked to the front door ready to walk outside and looked out at the Jeep.  I saw a duck guarding it.

Mind you she, and I think it’s a she because of the coloring, didn’t seem to care.   She just sat there under the trailer hitch watching me and doing a threat assessment.

I was not a threat.  She stayed put.  My trip would wait a bit.

These Muscovy Ducks are semi-domesticated, and I have seen them everywhere I have ever been up and down the east coast.  They’re always aware of you, and will move out of your way if you get too close, but sometimes you really do have to get close to move them on.

The other day, a duck that could have been this one, was sitting on the side of the house.  Just to the other side of the Jeep is a little area about the size of an adult’s bed.  There’s my Orange tree in it, and it is mulched with Rubber Mulch.  It makes for a nice soft place to step.

There were also two other friends of that duck sitting there.   Three of the creatures.

I came bounding around the Jeep to use the trash cans and they didn’t like my approach.  I guess seeing 6’4″ of man coming at you at a trot puts a duck a bit off.

Two of the ducks tried to fly off.  It didn’t work.  They had to get past me to get to the clear and the gap between the Jeep, the roof, and the fence at the property line was about as far as an adult man could stretch his arms.

Not quite enough.

I had my hands full of trash, there were two freaked out ducks flapping around randomly on the pavement trying to get away, and the third duck wasn’t too happy about the situation either.

All three got past me as I dropped my trash in the big blue bin, and left the property.

For a couple days, I was Duckless.  I had no Ducks.

I guess you could say I couldn’t give a duck.

Or not.

They started coming back, just as if nothing had happened before.

So I have my ducks back.  In fact, this particular duck checked in on me after that picture was taken.

Yes, you guessed it, it walked up to the door to see where I had gone.  Pressed its little duck bill against the glass wondering why it couldn’t walk through it.

If I can’t walk through that glass, little duck, you certainly can’t.

Now, could you please move?  The Jeep needs to go somewhere, and so do I.

Crows – and – A Young Engineer

Recently biologists have noted that more crows have been getting killed by vehicles on major trucking highways than on normal roads. After tire print and impact analysis, they determined that these crows are being killed by large trucks, not cars.

One especially bright scientist came up with a hypothesis.

These crows always post a sentry while they eat roadkill to warn them of any approaching traffic.

The problem lies neither in the sentry nor the larger body of crows, but in miscommunication.

The crows have learned to say “Car! Car!” but they have not learned how to say “Truck! Truck!”


A Young Engineer

A young engineer was leaving the office at 5:45 p.m. when he found the CEO standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper in his hand.

“Listen,” said the CEO, “this is a very sensitive and important document, and my secretary is not here. Can you make this thing work?”

“Certainly,” said the young engineer. He turned on the machine, inserted the paper, and pressed the start button.

“Excellent, excellent!” said the CEO as his paper disappeared inside the machine,

“I just need one copy.”

Lesson: Never, Never, ever assume that your boss knows what he’s doing.

Adam and Eve – and – Who is Calling?

A little girl asked her father, “How did the human race start?”

The father answered, “God made Adam and Eve, they had children and so all mankind was made.”

Two days later the girl asked her mother the same question.

The mother answered: “Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race evolved.”

The confused girl returned to her father and said, “Dad, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and Mom said they developed from monkeys?”

The father answered, “It is very simple. I told you about my side of the family and your mother told you about hers.”

Who is Calling?

The phone rang at the motor pool and an authoritative voice demanded to know how many vehicles were operational.

Jim answered, “We’ve got twelve trucks, ten utilities, three staff cars and that Bentley the fat-arsed colonel swanks around in.”

There was a stony silence for a second or two.

”Do you know who you are speaking to?”
”No,” said Paddy.

”It is the so-called fat-arsed colonel you so insubordinately referred to.”
”Well, do you know who you are talking to?”

”No,” roared the colonel.
”Well thank goodness for that,” said paddy and hung up the phone.

No Bake Two Ingredient Lemon Pie

As is, this recipe is not a light one.  About 500 calories a slice.  If you’re wanting something lighter, and still want to enjoy an excellent lemon pie, use 1/2 the ingredients.  It will bring the calorie count down below 300 calories a 1/6 pie slice.


Or So.

But, there was a day I wanted pie.  Lemon Pie.  I went through my cabinets and didn’t find the ingredients I was looking for.  Then I got online and found this recipe somewhere.  Actually a couple different somewheres, so I won’t attribute it to one particular site.


Now, while it was a good pie, the Lemon Juice I used was quite strong, so I will cut back the lemon juice a bit.  Maybe 5 ounces instead of 6.

It’s dead easy.

Empty two cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk into a large mixing bowl.

Lick the stuff off your fingers.  After all 2 cans, 14 ounces each, always leaves some goo on your fingers.

Add 3/4 cup of fresh Lemon Juice to the mixing bowl.

Stir or whisk the two ingredients together until even and smooth.

Pour the filling into a ready made pie crust.

Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Serve with Whipped Cream, yes even the canned stuff.

Want me to write it out traditionally?


  • 2 Cans (14 ounces each) Sweetened Condensed Milk.
  • 3/4 cup of fresh Lemon Juice.  I used the bottled stuff, it was a bit strong so I will cut back next time.


  • To large mixing bowl, add 2 cans Sweetened Condensed Milk.
  • Add 3/4 cup Lemon Juice to the Sweetened Condensed Milk.
  • Whisk until even and smooth.
  • Add to ready made graham cracker pie crust.
  • Chill for 2 hours at least.
  • Serve with Whipped Cream.