A Man and a Dog Walk Into a Bar

So a man walks into a bar with his dog, and the bartender says ” sorry, you can’t bring your dog in here, i don’t want to clean up after him”.

The man says ” its ok, the dog is trained” so he lets him in

A second man and his dog walks in, and the bartender says ” sorry mate, you can’t have a dog in here”.

And the second man says “he’s trained its ok” so he lets him in

Then a third man walks in with dark glasses and a dog, the bartender says “hey man, i don’t know what your doing but you can’t bring the dog in with you”

And the man replies ” but I’m blind, i can’t move around with my seeing eye dog!”

The bartender says ” mate, there is no way that chihuahua is a seeing eye dog”

The blind man looks confused and says “hold on, they gave me a chihuahua?!”


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