USB Turntable With Built In Speakers – AKA What You’re Given When You Are Handy

I had been watching this item and laughing.

Vibe Sound USB Turntable With Built-In Speakers!

Ok, I have a stash of old school Vinyl Records in the house.  I’ll admit it, I actually bought some of these when they were Current.

I won’t pretend to be a Hipster.  I do have a goatee right now, but that’s because I was bored.  Maybe it saves time, yeah that’s the excuse, it saves time! 


I’ve got a reputation around here for a number of things.  I’ve become “That Guy”.  It’s a reputation of That Guy Who Can Actually Fix Things.

As a result I am given things that people can’t figure out or just don’t want to mess with.

You know the type.  You’ve got some old gadget that has been taking up space in storage.  It annoys you or your partner and you decide to toss it out.  Put a tag on it on the night before Trash Day saying “Free To A Good Home” and hope someone who needs it finds it.

Or you do what this guy did.

A neighbor who I know in passing lived around the corner.  I’d pass by from time to time and wave hello, or perhaps we’d bend each other’s ears on a dog walk.

Lets call him A Dog Walk Friend instead of an Acquaintance because Dog Walk Friends are Friends Who You Get To Know Better Later.

Or so I’ve been told.

We’re walking past the other night and he’s getting stuff out for trash day when I hear “I’m Beat!”.

He’s standing by a 1970s vintage Console Radio complete with 8 Track and a box under his arm.  The Free To A Good Home tags are flapping in the breezes.

“I can see why”…
“Here!  Take This.  You fix things, see what you can do with it!”.

A box that had seen at least one move and some strapping tape was thrust at me.   I pass the dog leash off to Kevin who is shaking his head “NO!” just out of direct view.

I tell him to stop shaking his head and take the box for examination.  The pack rat is about to get a new toy.

While laughing, I tell my friend that I had been watching this and I still have a foot locker full of records.  Mine and some from Dad.  Dad’s old Swing Era records, still in the Time/Life boxes, ready to be listened to and loved.

I should do something with those records.  I’ve had them in the foot of my closet since before I moved to Florida because I couldn’t bare to pass them on.  They’re complete but not particularly worth much on the “resale market”.  Collectable to me, but … well I can’t get rid of them, Dad would hate it.

Even if he is gone to the great beyond.

It isn’t the kind of thing I’d buy for myself.  USB Turntables aren’t exactly all that expensive, but I have a better turntable from back in the day when a good turntable was a requirement instead of like now when it is a confusing relic from the last century.

We got the box home, and I took it out to the backyard where I inspected it.   For good measure, I slid the equipment out, sprayed the box with bug killer, then slid the turntable back into the box.  That should kill anything that might be lurking.

Waiting until the next morning, I unboxed it.  It was complete.  I dug out my last milk crate of old records, finding someone else’s taste in music I realized “Not Mine” and moved them aside.  I found my crate.  I guess I’m down to just one crate of my own records.

Choosing a classic disco record, I put it on the turntable.  Powered it up.  There in Mid-Fi I got to listen to a song that I had heard dozens of times before.

Sigh with me everyone:


It even has the software if I am bold enough to try it.  Apparently I can plug it into my laptop and capture the vinyl onto an MP3 so I can listen to the same stuff that I have been listening to since my childhood another time.

Mmmm pops and crackles on MP3 complete with loss and low top end.

Ok, it’s a nice toy and it didn’t cost me anything.  

So since you’re reading over my shoulder, how about flipping the LP over.  They only put one track on the A Side, and I want to hear Cerrone’s Paradise again.


Hiding from The Parrot Zone

We had just returned from our dog walk, and were settling in.

Rack was through with his Perimeter Search, had a few whines at the closed door to the bathroom, and then went to the den between the couch and the coffee table where he’d be for the rest of the morning.

I made my Honey and Cinnamon drink, and turned on the internet radio.   I was in a Retro Mood this morning, so it was going to be some Disco.

Taking the first sip of the sweet concoction, I grabbed the laptop and did some professional research.   My mornings are geared around keeping Professionally Fit, so there’s a lot of reading to do.

The music was playing in the background until there was a song I hadn’t heard in a while.   That particular song really hit the spot.  I was in a Cerrone mood.  Some Symphonic Disco for the morning routine instead of the usual Uplifting Trance.

That was when I decided to try to push the music just a bit louder.

Oscar the parrot has a constant background chatter.   There’s a trick.  Try to get the music so he isn’t getting into the whole groove of it all.   After all, Parrots do Dance. 

If you want to listen to anything loud here, get the headphones out.  Noise cancelling headphones are the best for that.

However, this day Oscar was having none of it.

Why?  Well, this Green “Old Buzzard” does a pretty passable imitation of a String Section in an old Disco hit.

Between Cerrone’s Paradise playing a rhythmic background and Oscar joining in to add an extra Violin-whistle, this house was anything but quiet.

Instead of begrudging the old bird his pleasure, I did the next best thing.   I grabbed those headphones, then searched for the track below.  Happily cancelling out the background noise once the radio went onto another song that I didn’t care for, I changed the channel to some uplifting trance, then stopped it.

Headphones on, I was able to get my fill while letting the green bird have his.  Besides, every time I get stuck on Cerrone, I end up listening to more than just that one track.  Force of habit I’m afraid.

Goodbye Donna

I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t mention that Donna Summer passed away yesterday from Breast Cancer at the age of 63.

I’ve enjoyed her music since the first time I heard Love To Love You Baby in my father’s car being driven to school.  It was on an AM Radio Station in Philadelphia, WIP, with the DJ commenting about how few words were being sung and what the state of modern music is today!  Harrumph.

Well that station is now all sports and useless, in fact the clueless management even moved the sports format to an FM station and it is now being used to simulcast the programming.   That’s why I used a Wikipedia link for it since I couldn’t even find their website!

…and Donna Summers’ music is being played now, somewhere, all over the world.  If you don’t like Disco, Tough.  I most certainly do.

Studio 54 on Sirius XM

I haven’t really been a fan of Sirius XM.  I don’t travel often, and when I do I tend not to be in the car for a long enough time for me to get the radio and mount it in the Jeep.

I got Sirius about a year before Howard Stern was on the air there, and while Howard was a reason I got the service, I am not a steady listener. 

Actually why I got Sirius was that there was a promo at the time and I found that they had a good Disco channel, a good Trance Channel and a good Dance Channel that had very little chatter.  They also have a 40s music channel that is excellent and have the BBC World Service.

They don’t have BBC Radio 4 which would be an excellent addition since it is “Intelligent Talk” and one of the few places on radio that I know of that does actual game shows and has since the days of it’s infancy.  Radio 4 is how I learned how to speak English when the programming was actually on the World Service.

Through time, they gained Howard Stern and it was fascinating to see what this amazing entertainer and his side kicks would do if they were unleashed.  Having been able to speak your mind, freely, and not speak like a child which is required by the FCC was a freedom few broadcasters have.  They went through their period that there were many “rude words” on the station until they realized that it wasn’t fun anymore and went back to being one of the more intelligent and fascinating discussions on radio.

Yes, even though I don’t listen frequently, I still am a fan of their work.

On the other hand, the music channels began to resemble the pablum that you find on “terrestrial radio”.  It is amazingly difficult to keep a channel going with fresh music if you are broadcasting an older format of music that isn’t particularly popular any more.  If they aren’t making any new Glenn Miller music, you just won’t have it to play.  Their 40s channel does seem to manage that well though finding things that I have never heard before.

The problem was the Dance Channels.  Since I can’t listen to Country and Rock bores me, I can’t vouch for those formats.  The paid for service was getting way too “standard radio”.  Whoever was programming the channels first deleted the dance hits channel and morphed it into the BPM channel when Sirius and XM merged.  It became basically what was a “Hot Hits” format if you remember that.  Play a song, play a station ID and yell what that was and what’s next while talking over the song you just started to play.  Some of the worst offenders of that are the DJs Tim Bauman and “Geronimo”. 

The idea of a dance station is to bring the music to you and present it like a live event.  When is the last time you went to a dance club and heard the DJ babbling about something over top of the music?  There weren’t any announcements the last time I was in one, nor for the years before.  It’s rare that you hear that.  Originally there were two hits stations on Sirius and one was with announcements.  The one I listened to was without announcements and was deleted.

It was about that time when I tired of the recycled 20 songs they played on the old Strobe channel.  They brought in 80s dance music, usually called Big 80s, and it just got unlistenable.  The Sirius radio gathered dust and I’ve ranted about that before.

Last month they decided that it was time to bring back a Disco channel.  It’s almost there.  It still is rotating some of the same songs but not quite “over and over”.  I found myself listening to the channel for more than 5 hours a day and only changed it when they put on some specific artists.

To this day I still can’t listen to “Lady T”.  Blah.  Can’t do it.  Tried and didn’t like her in the 70s or the 80s.  But that’s just me, we all have our favorite artists in any given music format.

However, they did something that was “authentic”.  The old disco channels on radio were known for basically putting on two tracks an hour in the evening if they had a long format song.  The “Disco Mix” of a song could be 17 minutes long where the “Radio Edit” would be one side of a 45 and would last about 3:30.  If they play a short version of a song it’s a surprise. 

If they could kill the announcements about how some person brought a leopard into Studio 54 and the rest of the trivia, it would help.  They tend to do fewer announcements than they do on other channels which is a blessing, but still more than would be “authentic”.  When played, they’re not playing these announcements over top of the music which much better than on many of their other channels.

I even heard some of the tracks that aren’t generally heard in a Disco station.  Some of the more obscure artists that you’d hear mixed in as a chance to test the waters are still heard.  After all, there’s a reason why certain tracks “didn’t make it”, but it’s nice to hear them even still.  It helps to keep the channel from going stale.

So I have a reason now to listen again.  It also gave me a reason to explore what else Sirius has to offer.  I’m again listening to 40s, as well as the classical music I grew up with.  The Studio 54 has been left on for hours, but I’ll switch into Jimmy Buffet once in a while and visit Margaritaville. 

They also put on a good R and B station called the Groove.   In Philadelphia in the late 70s, we were lucky.  We had one of the best Disco stations (and scenes) in the nation on WCAU.  We also had a wonderful, locally owned R and B station on WDAS.  If you didn’t hear something good to listen to on one, you would switch to the other, and it seemed like the stations knew it and used that knowledge to build something better.  When Clear Channel got massive and finally bought up all the radio stations in Philadelphia, WDAS was one of the last to go.  It felt like something died.  RnB wasn’t quite as edgy any more and it felt much more corporate and “cleansed”. 

Sirius managed to capture a little of that edge in The Groove.  Well worth the listen if you want to hear some dance and a little RnB mixed in.   I know I do.

So it’s better.   I’ve got Sirius on now playing in the headphones on the iPhone player.  At least I can listen without having the parrot going crazy that way.

It’s not perfect but they’re on their way.  They managed to make the Trance Channel something less special where they’re mixing more formats in instead of sticking with the format.  Electric Area plays around 3 distinct formats of music in a seemingly random fashion, meshing together badly.  At least there is when I need a good trance fix.

Now if only they could get rid of those annoying announcements and DJs on the other channels…

Sirius XM changes channel lineup and still is annoying

This morning, having a bit of a writer’s block, I ended up surfing Google Trends for top searches. 

Obviously Osama bin Laden was still at the top as well as being somewhere in the ocean.
There were the lingering searches for the Royal Wedding in the UK.
After that, Sirius XM showed up.

I was a little surprised too, but I remembered they shuffled their channels today. 

Those who have their radios would have gone through the channel reload where you are presented with a count up to 100 percent while you have silence and wonder if it will work.   It has always worked.  On the other hand you get to reprogram your presets and hope you can find your favorite channels.

That’s the problem.  I can’t.  They deleted “The Strobe” which was one of the original reasons why I bothered with Sirius in the first place.  I’ve listened since B.H.  – Before Howard Stern.  I’ve listened to Howard Stern occasionally, he is at times simply an amazing entertainer and I am hard pressed to think of anyone who is better an interviewer with pop culture icons.  

I can take or leave the shock, but the interviews are fascinating as well as his crew on the air.

On the other hand Sirius XM has a love hate relationship with dance and electronic music.  The Strobe started out as a disco only channel.  Rigidly programmed, there was almost never anything newer than 1980 and almost never anything played that was older than 1974.  That would be the sweet spot for the Disco Era.  However it was fairly tight on the play list and limited for the most part to the more popular music of that era.  Growing up in Philly you either were into rock, or you were into disco and you usually were heavily into it.  It was an amazing city for music.   The problem was that Sirius left out a lot of the other formats that would play from time to time on the disco stations of the era.  There used to be a lot of overlap with RnB.  There would be some Funk.  That sort of thing.

Later when they did their first channel shuffle, they dropped The Strobe but after complaints it came back.  Then they messed with the format.   They included some of the “late disco era” music of the early 80s, and even stretched the station into the mid 90s dance tracks that were so popular in the Northeast of the US for a while.  It did get better but still no RnB, but that was off on it’s own channel and at least we had The Strobe back.

Lately it seemed like The Strobe got stale.  I found myself surfing online and when I needed a Disco Fix and ended up with Diva Radio.  Much better breadth of music on that web only station.   There were actually tracks that I hadn’t heard and I’ve listened to some very obscure music. 

On the other hand, I’m not strictly listening to “Ghost Radio”.  While I do listen to “40s on 4” for a fix of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman when I need it, typically when I listen to Sirius, the radio is tuned to two different channels.  Area which is Trance, has drifted to being more progressive and there’s a lot more chaff thrown in.  The king of chaff is BPM.  I have BPM on right at this moment.  I rarely like it because it’s the old “Hot Hits” format – dance tracks, short versions, and DJs and Bumpers yelling at you between the tracks. 

In this era of the iPod and Internet Radio, that Chaff is what drives people away from broadcast radio.  Sirius seems to be embracing the chaff.   The DJs on BPM are even more annoying because they’re always sounding like they just had four or five shots of Cafe Cubano and are yelling things at you to the point of being almost overmodulated.

The worst DJs on Sirius are on BPM.  You have “Geronimo” who every time I hear I want to jump out of an airplane or better yet watch him jump out without a parachute.   There is also the stomach churningly bad Tim Bauman who sounds like he’s a Pimp Wannabe from a bad movie from the early 80s. 

The best thing they can do with BPM is to go back to the way it was Before Howard and play music.  Forget the bumpers, they’re unneeded and we have a display of what we’re listening to.   The DJs have GOT to go.    Just play music.  There was a twin channel to BPM back at that time which was almost the same music, but No DJ Chatter at all.   You don’t have to listen to Tim Baumans wretched rap about “The Gurrrrls” or Geronimo’s confusion about Relaxing and Exciting BPM.

Hey Geronimo What Does THAT mean?  Did you bump your head on the desk this morning?

If a Dance Channel is meant to reflect a club, their programming managers need to actually go into a club and listen.   The DJs Don’t Talk Over Every Song! 

“Electric Area” is better but not perfect.   They’ve been getting bumpers played over the tracks, and the shows that are played on Electric Area are basically the same thing I get when I surf Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, DJ Shah, Markus Shultz or any of the other Euro DJ websites.  There’s a little chatter, but nowhere near as much as BPM – maybe an announcement every 30 minutes or so.  The reason for that is that Sirius has been playing the DJ’s web tracks directly.  Better than the Progressive and Electro that has slipped in over the last few years.  They’re basically two different formats -Trance and Electro – similar music like RnB and Disco, but not fully interchangeable and while you can mix in some for variety, they are probably best on their own channels.

As for my once again gone The Strobe channel, they said they’d put it on as an Internet Only Stream.  It wasn’t there when I went looking for it at 10AM today.  If I have to make sure I have a way to play Disco, I won’t go to Sirius.  There are many better sites that play more variety – and that is something that can be said generically about any of the Sirius channels.   Loosen the playlists.  Your music is too repetitive.

When it comes time for me to finally get a new car, I won’t activate the Sirius radio.  One reason is that I already have a “Permanent Subscription” which was a big mistake, I know.  The other is that there are just way too many ways to get good music on the car radio these days.  My complaining probably won’t have an effect, but I’ll just end up with an iPhone with a data plan surfing and playing the Trance Channel there, or if I need disco back in my head there’s always Diva Radio.   

I guess it’s the promise they made is great for some but they fell short.   Their program directors could do better.  Lets just grade them a “C Minus”.  After all, just like FM Radio, Sirius is good for Classical and News.  The music formats just aren’t there.  If you love Elvis or Sinatra you will be happy.

No wonder why I had to blow dust off the top of the Sirius Radio this morning!

How Language Changes

In the 60s and 70s, Black Music was one of the biggest creative forces around.  Whether it was Motown or some of the other more obscure labels, it was easy for a person in or near a big city to hear the beauty of RnB floating out of the inner cities.   Parliament Funkadelic called it the Chocolate Cities and the Vanilla Suburbs.

I guess I was in a very vanilla suburb that had a taste for chocolate music.  

I’ve always liked bouncy dance music, and back then it was Funk and Disco.  Both came from the tradition of Black Music, and they morphed into many of the forms of music that we listen to even today.  Disco didn’t die, it became Rap and Trance and all that bar music you hear when you’re out on a Saturday Night.  Tony Manero couldn’t have danced without it back then and his kids couldn’t do it today without the valuable contribution of the Black Communities in this country and the world.   We owe an artistic debt to those people that may never be repaid.

Listening to a retro dance station today still has that division between funk and disco.  Disco stations tend to have calcified into the same 50 or so tracks, but luckily I’ve found a good one at Diva Disco that plays the obscure tracks that I listened and enjoyed much more than the standards.  This is typical of any given “oldies” format.  Tune into a 50s station and you’ll soon hear Elvis and some of those old doo-wop songs that were derivative of the Black Music of the day.

Being a music of sub-culture that influenced the greater culture from within, you would have some interesting bits of that culture pop out and become common for a while.  Even the word Funk itself had a much different connotation back then.  You still hear people say that something is funky, but rarely is it because it moves you.  If it does move you, and it is Funky, it is to drop it in the washing machine and run it through a hot wash.

That was the point.  Pop culture having the life span of a Mayfly will make things prominent that in 10 or 20 years sound funny.

Listening to a particular song, We Got The Funk by Positive Force this morning wasn’t anything new.  Its a cute piece of pop that always has me smiling.  Today I found myself quoting it.

Bernard’s got the funk, he’s got the funk, yeah!
Kitchee’s got the funk, she’s got the funk, yeah!
We all got the funk, We got the funk, Yeah!

And as I’m quoting it in a deadpan baritone, I hear from the other room “Maybe they ought to clean it, it sounds like that funk is spreading!”.

Laughing about it, I thought today I’ll get some cleaning done to get rid of some of the funk while listening to the funk!

Spring Ahead, Fall Back

You’re going to read this a lot but here we go, today’s the first day of Standard Time in the US.  If you’re here, and most of those people who read one of my pages a day are, it’s time to set the clock.

Pat, go talk to Mike.  He’ll do it for you.  🙂

Usually I set my watches when I go to wear one, the PCs and network attached appliances like the Squeezebox set themselves.  I have some old fashioned wind up clocks that I either wait for them to stop, set the time and wind again, or just move the hands back like on my Russian Submarine clock.

At 6am I caught myself staring at the clock radio doing the mental leap and realizing that it was actually 5am.  That did not stop the irrigation system from running, so I decided to take that “gap hour” and lay there listening to the surroundings.  

It proved that I’m in a noisy place.

I noticed that there was the pump running and could hear the hissing from the sprinklers in the front yard, the refrigerator off in the distance was humming, and the dog was snoring as normal but starting to stir. 

After a while of this it got boring.   Time to get up and start on the day early.  I thought that other people would be confused as to when it was, but pets would have their owners up early because the body does take a little time to adjust.   A nation on Jet Lag, if only an hour.

Padding out the front door to the walk, I thought that I should leave the audio book at home and enjoy the quiet since it was still before 6am. 


I forgot that I live almost in the exact center of the great South Florida Sprawl.  Half of the irrigation systems in the neighborhood were running and way off in the distance I could hear the traffic on I-95 heading to Miami or the cities to the North.  Two miles away and I could hear trucks way down in the general noise.  Overhead, at that same time that the Big Rig decided to down shift, a jet passed overhead air braking.   Walking up to Wilton Drive, I noticed that someone had started a compressor that later I found was the beginning of a power washing job.

Mrs Dog and I walked roughly in that direction and the person who does the maintenance of the Shoppes gave me a big smile and a wave and we waved back.  Me my left hand, Mrs Dog her tail.  Smiles all around I got to the drive and noticed one of the officers I know from the Wilton Manors PD.   We waved at each other, most of the officers are quite approachable and friendly while very professional.  He started of in gear shortly after and went off on a call, secondaries kicking in and rumbling the big V8 into the distance.

At that point from the South came another car, this one a beater.  The car was in need of service as it was rumbling down the drive sounding like pieces were about to fall off.

Turning at the next block, it was back into the quiet of the residential neighborhood.  I-95, two miles away was still rumbling, another jet air braked overhead flying into FLL, and a row of homes with sprinklers all irrigating the beginning of the Wet Season away.

Waving to Gina and her two dogs, I got a friendly “Hello!” and I headed on home.

Things were quieter when I was listening to the Audio Book… or at least they seemed so.  Getting the dog out for her walk an hour early was quieter but I didn’t realize just how well sounds carried here in the flat lands of South Florida.

It is all part of modern living, you take the good with the bad.  Now, let me turn on the Disco station on the Squeezebox and add a layer of my own to it all.  Ahhh, Much Better!

October Mornings are Made For Disco

It is a beautiful day here.  After the dog walk, I threw open the windows and started on the routine of the day.  Once the house quieted down, it got too quiet so I put on Diva Disco for a bit.

The neighborhood hadn’t quite decided to start making the normal sounds of small engines, lawn tools, and the occasional truck.  Not that it has conscious control over it, but all was fairly quiet. 

As things woke up, I inched the radio louder, into the Parrot Zone.   I have an Orange Wing Amazon that I share this house with.  I have had him since 1986 so he’s old enough to vote but since he doesn’t have opposable thumbs that won’t happen.  He’s my hearing protector.  When the radio is too loud, he starts chattering at it.  Really crank that radio up to blow out the windows and Oscar is screaming.

Oscar can be a grouch you see…

I have learned just where to keep the volume so that Oscar’s quiet, the music is reasonable, and I’m not disturbing the neighbors.  After all, it’s after 9 in the morning so we’re all up.

Walking from room to room, the music just barely loud enough to hear in the laundry via the open windows on the car port and the small door in the laundry, I’m listening to a track as I gather the wash from the racket that the dryer is making.

Padding out into the main part of the house, I get a clear view of the street as I am heading out to the bedroom to lay things out on the bed to allow them to relax.  The breezes of the South Florida Morning are cool to the touch on my arms while I smooth things out. 

I put away the socks and some of the other clothes that don’t need to be folded, and begin to walk out to the living room.   The track was still playing, Harry Thumann – Underwater.  If you haven’t heard it, its one of those Late Disco Era songs that has a lush enough sound bed that you could practically walk on the percussion as it skips across the pond of the still morning air like a stone.  Can you tell I liked it?

Apparently so did someone else because as the music swelled, and I went back out into the front room, I looked outside.  There was someone out in my swale, with his dog, bobbing his head to the beat of my music.

Ok, Oscar wasn’t chattering, but this dude was doing the disco dance at 9 in the morning on the street in front of his house as he picked up after his dog.  I was smiling as I walked up to the front window and just watched him bounce around lightly to the Disco Beat.  Once a DJ, Always a DJ I guess…

He spotted me, waved and smiled, and went on his way.  I walked back to the big green chair with a laugh and turned the music down just a little bit.

Oh wait, Alec R Constandinos is on Diva… let me turn this just a little louder…  Shaddap Oscar!  I’ll turn it down!!!