The link for the 9/11 memorial site is here.  You can watch the memorial ceremony today live from New York at the site, and find out more about how they are honoring those fallen on and after September 11th.

World Trade Center, 1986 – Photo Courtesy of Eric Reivik
In my own case, that morning was until the time, unremarkable.  I arrived at the university, had my 7:15AM Call with Purchasing to work over things that they had needed, and was settling in at my desk to get started.
The hallway was abuzz with very random activity, more like when you knock over a hornet’s nest than anything else.
I took my headphones off to get a clearer picture of what was going on, and went back to the routine.
I noticed that the internet was becoming quite slow.  In a large university, the internet would run well until something major happened in that time and place.  I was trying to hit the news site of the BBC, and it simply stopped loading.

My boss and my team crowded around asking me what was up when some people began to get details.  The world had changed, and not for the better.

Anger almost never effects positive change.

Thoughts And Decisions And Clearing Your Mind

Take a breather.
Enjoy the moment.
Congratulate friends on their hard work.
Thank your allies.

Great.  There is a lot more work to get done.

No, not a “bring down” moment.  Just reality.

Share the moment, the glow of the decision, and breathe in the hope.  Think of the things in society that are wrong and need to be fixed.  Think of the work that will be needed to bring those who disagree with you, sometimes kicking and screaming.

I am fond of saying “It is a marathon, not a sprint” or “You’re in it for the long haul”.  There will always be naysayers, people who will refuse.  Their loss.  They are on the wrong side of history and they will be left behind.  The parking brake left on after the car is pulled into traffic.

Smug?  Perhaps.  I can think of other Civil Rights issues that were argued about in the past and decided and people adapted.

When is the last time you heard about someone complaining about a woman’s right to vote with any sort of seriousness?

But there are many issues that need just the same attention as did same sex marriage.  Pick one.  Be involved.

If you are progressive in your society and you decide to sit at home next time voting day comes around, you are the problem, not the solution, and I will silently judge you as will many others.

If you are not progressive in your society, and that is your right, I have to ask you why.  If there is something incorrect, wrong, or broken, it certainly needs to be fixed.

Just ask anyone who crossed that bridge in Selma, Alabama if things are perfect.  They will tell you no.

Oh and that flag?  It’s not a Pride flag, not that anything is wrong with flying a Pride flag no matter what your political bend.  It’s an Italian Peace flag.  The word says Peace in Italian.  It’s a wish for Peace towards all.  Even those you disagree with.  High goal to work towards.  I know I’ve got a way to go with that one too.  I have been told that I can be a bit … “irascible” at times.


12 years ago the Towers were needlessly destroyed and the world changed.

There was an account of someone who had witnessed the offense from Lower Manhattan that day.   It was an email that got passed around the world many times.   Reproduced on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s web page, I have the link here

The current use of the site is for the National September 11th Memorial Museum.  You can see the write up on Wikipedia here.   The picture below is from that page.


11 years later, we all remember where we were when the towers came down.

I was in my office, after having finished a call to my Purchasing client, I was busy.  Head down, writing specifications for my programmers and myself to follow when there was noise out in the hallway.   The music stream that I was listening to had just sputtered off.

My office suddenly filled up with people.  They were telling me that “something happened” and they couldn’t “get to the news sites”.  That continued all day long, the news sites were sporadically available, and more details got through as people found portable radios stashed in bottom desk drawers.   Those radios later become a must have instead of a minor embarrassment.

Nothing really got done that day, other than the needless snuffing out of thousands of lives in three events, New York, Shanksville PA, and the Pentagon. 

That was the day the world changed.