Rude Blog? Blogger is OK With That Again

One morning, I was sitting in my comfy bouncy chair, living my G Rated life.  Music playing, the dog by my side, the parrot chattering.

I open up my dashboard thingy after having made a purdy pixture for you folks to look at as well as a backstory.

There are plenty of sites that are nothing more than a picture a day or a list of them.  I look at those as well, they’re great to fill up your computer for when the screensaver kicks in.  I must have close to a gig of them, who knows!

There was a nag link at the top of the page.  I rarely look at them anyway, most folks don’t look at nags I suspect.  Twenty years of being trained to ignore adverts or simply blocking them in my case, and you get that way.

The link pointed me to a page that was titled “An update on the Blogger porn content policy“.

I laughed.  Out loud even.

I may be noisy, but I have never posted that kind of content here.  I could.  It’s legal.  At least it is at this point in history, tomorrow could change that.

The original change in policy was fielded to gauge reaction I suspect.  The reality is that “rude” is in the eye of the beholder.  There are some people who look at this blog every single day, others less frequently.  I know of one person who complains about it loudly, although never to my face.  Apparently I cut a little close to the bone in one or more comments about them.

No, I won’t say who.


Never anything that would even be considered a Hard Parental Guidance Rating, at least in my mind.  If it would get past the censors on the big three TV networks in the more enlightened parts of this backwards sliding country that I live in, I will post it.

Apparently I can now.  Well thanks, I can let my artistic nude flag fly I guess.  It’s not for me, but it is for many people.

There are plenty of blogs out there that have restricted or adult content.  Some are simply to excite the reader, for however long it takes them to finish their visit.  Others are to educate about health or perhaps anthropological issues.  After all, teenage children would keep select copies of the National Geographic under their beds for private reading back in the day.  It was actually a plot point at the beginning of the movie Porkys II.  While seeming random, the plot of that movie is strangely parallel to the whole discussion of whether rude content should be allowed in the movie or not.

That sort of excitement is easy to find.  The educational sites are more important, and that is why the internet exists in the first place – to share information among people who are interconnected no matter how distant.

There was a great amount of noise, digital ink, and whinging done in a short period of time, and Google, Inc. have decided that the Blogger policy on Porn will not be changed.

It doesn’t really effect me here, I’ll continue to write the kind of things that Mrs Grundy in her small town may be interested in reading, but if you need that kind of medical or anatomical information that is hosted on a blog somewhere and somehow connected with Google and Blogger, it will be safe.

Sure, I’m vague, but I don’t need that sort of information right now.  The last time I went for “medical” information it was to diagnose my brake problem on my Jeep Wrangler.

Besides, the kind of excitement that the 1950s teenager found in National Geographic is so prevalent and so easy to come by these days for free online, that you just don’t need me taking pictures of body parts and slamming them up in 16 million colors with my website URL hidden semi-discretely on them.

I’ll remain here, G rated, for all the world to see.

You may return to your regularly scheduled rude websites now, Google‘s fine with it.

Julie and Julia

Am I like the last person on the planet that saw this movie?   I finally got to see it over the weekend.  I am glad that I did because it was a gentle comedy interweaving a blog writer in 2003 and a rather grand person in the 40s through the 60s.   The movie drew some strong parallels between the two lives two generations apart, and showed some quite amusing moments.

Oh, since they cooked some lobsters, there was no notice of “No Animals were harmed in the making of this picture”.   But how could you do a movie on the “Mastering of French Cooking” without at least trying some Lobster recipes?  I’m not completely happy with someone plunging a living creature into boiling water no matter how much seasoning is in it, but that has never stopped me from eating them. 

The movie shows Julia Child’s live from arrival in Paris in 1947 until she had been given the opportunity to do her first cooking show in WGBH Boston in the the 60s.  She was a fascinating character that everyone has had the opportunity to be exposed to and became a larger than life one at that.   I remember seeing her shows on the PBS Station while I was young and fascinated by this woman with the funny voice talking about her Boeuf and other recipes.  

The other headliner was Julie who was a blog writer in 2003 that took up the task of cooking every single recipe in Julia Child’s seminal work of “Mastering” within the course of a year.   547 recipes in 365 days.   I’ll say that I am a better than average baker, but the idea of trying over 500 French Recipes within the course of a year is not something I’d even consider.

I did think that the person portrayed in the movie who wrote the blog, Julie seemed a bit obsessed over Juila Child saying that she wished that she could be transported back in time and be a part of Julia’s wedding.   That’s a bit Obsessive/Compulsive.   I’ve found myself getting into the thought processes of an author who’s writings I’ve enjoyed but the whole time travel thing is something more than I’d consider.

At any rate, OCD Aside, it was a pleasant and enjoyable movie.  I’m glad I have it on DVD because I would certainly watch it again.   It showed the love Julia Child had for her husband, for France, French Culture, and French Cooking.   It is easy to say that had she not went to the Cordon Bleu and been snubbed by the rather myopic President of the school, she may not have gone on to start her own school, write the book with the two other collaborators, and lay the foundation for Food TV and the other cable cookery shows.

Julie’s life was fascinating.  A Regular Woman, working in a government office in New York City, moving to an apartment in Queens over a Pizza Parlor so she could have more space with her husband and cat, and taking up a challenge like that is not something that happens every day.   Julie didn’t care for the place but as her husband kept saying “Remember, 900 Square Feet” means a lot.  New York Apartments are rabbit hutch small, and my house here in Florida is only 1200 square feet.  I think I’d be comfortable in that if it were on a train line.  Begin cooking a recipe and a half a day, blogging about it, and working a full time job will certainly change your life.

Well worth the watch.

Global Warming or just a truly bad movie?

I’m sitting here watching this movie called “Where the Hell’s that gold?“.  This movie is so appallingly bad that I wonder why Encore put it on let alone it got filmed.  Answer would be Filler for Encore and Delta Burke and Gerald Mc Raney needed to make some money.  It could have been so fun with Delta playing “A Painted Lady”, a Madam really,  in the old west with Willie Nelson as a love interest and Jack Elam as a Crusty Old Buddy.

Instead what I’m doing is sitting here watching them spar back and forth in that “Love Fighting” you see in all of these movies and wondering… Why is it that all these cowboys in Mexico on a train in the warmer season (No steam in their breath) are wearing Jackets AND Vests?  After all, they end up heading towards Del Rio, Texas at the end of it.   The place looked windy and green.   Wet season would be late Spring/Summer, Right?

Then I realized, Burke and Mc Raney are Republicans.   They tend not to be thorough in their … research.

(Ok, I couldn’t resist the Pot Shot!)