Facebook Privacy Policy Warning – Hoax

There are hoaxes and there are hoaxes.

I can still remember when I was a pre-teen running home from school at lunch so I could be with my dog because there was a rumor going around saying that a particular mall was going to cave in.  At lunch. 

Ok, so I was naive.  The mall was about 30 miles from my house, and who knows why I worried about what the dog was going to do.  How did they know it was going to happen then, specifically?

*sigh* Kids.

But rumors get currency, then the currency gets spent by spreading along the fastest method possible.  Gossip. 

At any rate, these things come and go.

In this day of click through approvals and websites that have you sign things called “Terms of Service” before you use them, you basically sign all your rights away before you even set up your profile.

Sound familiar?  You probably didn’t read it anyway, Right?

We’ve all done this before, most likely Many Times.

The latest one is that Facebook Privacy Policy.  Face it folks, once you put your face on facebook, you face losing face, as well as signing your rights away.

Oh sure, you have some control.  You could simply not post anything there and have a full life.  You know, like you did before you got addicted to this century’s CB radio craze. 

You could put copyright notices on all your pictures, and trust me that is a royal pain in the tail.  Just look at the pictures I have on this blog – they’re all “Copyright Noticed” as well as hidden text through them…

But that’s getting off the track.

The best suggestion I could give anyone who enjoys using Facebook, and I do, is to think before you share.  Look at what you are typing in and ask yourself “What would Grandma think about this?” or “Would I have to explain this to HR at work?” or perhaps “What would I say about this in an interview?”.

There are lists of questions I could mention here but the reality is that if you don’t want it known, don’t share it.

A Secret Told is a Secret Lost.  If you are curating your life, the time to make the selection is before you share it, not after.

If you think someone could use it against you, don’t post it.  That’s probably a good rule for life.

The notice is compelling.  It tells you that it “Couldn’t Hurt” to try it.  It tries to get you to simply copy and paste the text – which generally isn’t the best way to handle a “contract”.  Knee Jerk reactions are never the best thought out.

It boils down to you saying “I forbid you to act on anything I wrote including this post.”  Cyclical Logic much? 

Third parties perhaps, but Facebook?  That notice will have no bearing.

So forget the post, or delete it if you made it. 

If you are wondering about what I’m banging on about, I’ll put it here. 

Better safe than sorry right. Channel 13 news was just talking about this change in Facebook’s privacy policy. Better safe than sorry. As of January 3rd, 2015 at 11:43am Eastern standard time; I do NOT give Facebook or any entitles associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or post, both from the past, in the present, or in the future. By this statement I give notice to Facebook it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute or take any other action against me based on this profile is private and confidential information. The violation of privacy can be punished by law (UCC 1-308-11 308-103 and Rome statute). NOTE: Facebook is now a public entity. All members must post a note like this. If you prefer, you can copy and paste this version if you do not publish the statement at least once it will be tactically allowing the use of your photos, as well as information contained in the profile status updates. DO NOT SHARE you MUST copy and paste this. I will leave a comment so it will be easier to copy and paste!!!

No, You Don’t Need To See My Dog, and the Yellow Dog Project

Yes, I have a beautiful Dog, thank you. 
He’s not a Border Collie.
He’s a McNab Dog.
He is fearful.
He won’t allow you to pet him.

That would be the really brief way of saying Step Off. 

Believe it or not I have actually had to get quite loud to tell some people that their presence is not needed and no they did not need to meet my dog.

Tourists.  Better to send them on their way than try to explain sometimes.

Dog people love to meet other dogs.  They love to tell stories about their dog that they love deeply that they left behind in “Ohio” when they came down for a visit.

Every time I hear one of those stories I think to myself if you really loved that dog, you would have found a way to have your vacation with the dog instead of dumping it in a glorified shelter for a week.

But the thing is that you never know what that dog is thinking.  The old saw “Walk A Mile In His Moccasins Before You Judge” is a perfect description.

That McNab of mine is best described as having PTSD.  If you drop a spoon in the kitchen, he runs and hides in a corner until I go after him and tell him that he can come out.

He’s just a “teenager” at two years, he’s got time to learn.  The PTSD is fading, but not gone.

When my departed dog Lettie got older, her normal mistrust of other dogs became critical.  She would walk slowly around town and other dogs wouldn’t give her room due to their owner’s insistence that they have their dogs meet her.  Being an alpha dog, she wasn’t afraid of showing teeth.

That usually made the other dog back off.

The point is that there shouldn’t be a reason for this sort of thing.  There is no reason why you need to introduce yourself or your dog or your child to any other dog.  My own dog is afraid of adults, but his fear of children is overwhelming.

Luckily I usually can use my own Command Presence and a strong “He Won’t Allow It!” to the others and they back off, usually confused.

I shouldn’t have to worry about this sort of thing but since everyone in this country seems to have accepted a culture of entitlement, people with dogs who might need a little space or gentler treatment do have a slowly growing sign.  A yellow ribbon.

No, it isn’t a Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree.  It is a sign to “Give Space”.

That dog that you are trying to force yourself, your child, or your dog on, may have issues.  It isn’t for you to judge.  That dog may have been mistreated before and has memories of that.  It may be older or have health issues where the excitement of the meeting may cause other problems.  It may have mobility problems.  It may be that the dog is “in training” for being a Service Dog or to get over a situation that makes them uncomfortable.

It simply doesn’t matter.  You don’t know what happened or why, just give them space.

Instead of all of that, look for a yellow ribbon on the leash.  It used to be that shelters would use a purple leash or collar to signify that a dog might need a little space, but people simply don’t pay too close attention to that.  I’ve seen that first hand, both of my dogs were purple leash dogs.

Red Collars and Leases used to mean danger.  What the danger was is again, irrelevant, just give space.

The Yellow Dog Project is slowly gathering steam.  The idea is that simple.  Tie a yellow ribbon on the leash and hope that the other person seeing that will give space.

Hopefully it will get more well known as time goes on.

But really, yellow ribbon or not, unless you know the dog, you don’t need to pet them.  After all, would you want to be petted by someone on first meeting?

I didn’t think so.

Superman Arrested

I’m still chuckling a juvenile little chuckle about this story.

Sometimes the BBC comes through, especially in their Just The Facts presentation of things.

You see, there is this guy.  Grew up in Indonesia, lives in Singapore.

Apparently the guy’s parents are a bit “playful” with names.   His story was viral a while back, originally reported on Gizmodo.  Yep, you know him as Superman.  Or really “Batman bin Superman”.

Strictly speaking, that “bin” is “Son Of” so it’s Batman, Son of Superman. 

Technically that doesn’t conform to the whole Marvel Universe or who ever owns the trademark.  Not that trademarks are that important in some parts of the world.

It’s not actually “Superman” but “Suparman” according to the Singapore authorities.   Apparently someone who may not speak English can’t exactly spell it, so we’ll forgive them. 

Anyway, our little chum, sorry, that’s Robin… Anyway, Our Friend Batman decided to get sticky fingers and steal some cash from a store. 

That wasn’t enough, he did it again.  Same store.  

Criminals always return to the scene of a crime?

He also pleaded guilty to Heroin consumption, so not only is he a bad criminal, he’s into drugs which is bad.

Mmmkay?  Drugs are bad, Mmmkay.

I guess that having Internet Fame isn’t the same as real fame.  You generally don’t have money to back it up.


So I guess the moral of the story is not to name your children after a superhero unless you want people to watch them.  They may just knock over a store.


Silly Superman.  Crime is bad.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ladies, check yourself.   Save the Ta-Tas!  Time to get those puppies checked!

This pic has been all over facebook, and seems to have gone viral.  I saw it linked via one of the dog sites, and managed to trace it back to it’s origin, Kristen Alexander’s Photography at http://www.kristenphoto.com, and the photo blog site of her dogs at http://xenaandluna.com/.

Ok, the dog site is beyond cute.  I mean first off, how do you get your dogs to stay put long enough to get a shot like that one?   My Lettie used to hide when she saw me start to take pictures of her since she hated the flash.  Rack would get distracted too easily.  His best pics were spur of the moment and usually I had to take four or five of the “same” one just to get something passable!

Mind you, that Border Collie in the middle has to have back problems with balloons like that on her!

So ladies, check yourself and everyone can enjoy the pics.  How can you not enjoy dogs with goofy balloons?

Go Away Priyanka, You Are A Worm.

This Priyanka has cropped up on the tech blogs, just about everywhere that I was reading, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

Got Android?  Read on.
Got something called “WhatsApp“?  Read on.

WhatsApp is a chat client for SMS or other WhatsApp users.  Yes, Yet Another Chat Client has a worm running through it.  Pretty common these days.

It’s an easy one to avoid, simply don’t accept any messages from Priyanka, don’t friend Priyanka… In short, ignore Priyanka and delete anything from it without opening it.

If you have Priyanka in your contacts, then it goes out and sends invites to all your friends on the WhatsApp platform in order to share in on the fun.


The instructions to get rid of them are pretty simple as well, and you can find them at this link.

I’m an admitted oddball.  I don’t do SMS Texting.  At all.  It’s turned off at T-Mobile, so no matter what I’m safe.

Want to talk to me, call me.  Want to send text?  Email.  Yeah I know, it’s not trendy but I’m in front of a computer from 7AM until 11PM some days.  I’ll leave WhatsApp on the shelf for those who are more “smartphone addicted” than I am.

First Britney Spears, now Justin Bieber

Ok, so what’s the deal with celebs shaving their heads?

I just caught this clip of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where Kimmel shaved Justin Bieber’s Head.  Shawn Puffy Combs was there telling him not to and that Kimmel was drunk.  I don’t think that Puffy was serious about that, but they did go through with the shave. 

After seeing the 16 yr old Bieber with his wide eyes and a bald head look like a character in the first Star Trek movie, I just had to smile and say of all the publicity stunts you can pull, this is a harmless one.  Amusing to say the least. 

It’s not going to stay that way, girls, in another six weeks he’ll be ready for a trim. 

If you’re interested, you can follow the link to see the before and after.  It actually was a pretty good interview, Puffy was “deep” as usual.  Like Jimmy Kimmel says, I’m not in Bieber’s target market either but I got a good laugh out of it. 

I may be due for a haircut, but I won’t go quite THAT short.  Just a #6 on top, #1 on the sides and fade, please!

Na Pohybel Janas

I am not really sure what to think about this one.

I was doing some research into search engine optimization and found this term.  Apparently it means “Destruction to the Janas” in Polish.  It’s used like “Break A Leg” but it is also supposedly darker.

Over the last couple days, this term has bubbled to the top of the search terms on Google.  With all the banal things people look for, and the whole Superbowl hype, that term showed up.  It’s almost like someone is trying to hack google to get the video included.  Any promotion is a good one, I guess. 

Watching the video was pretty … well it was painful.  Three guitars, a drummer, and a singer.  They all looked bored, and frankly I’ve heard better music coming out of a garage.  Bad bar band competition I guess.

So if you have a mind to listen to three-and-a-half minutes of what it’s like to be a bad bar band in Poland, the link is below… I can’t say it’s my kind of music.  It even made the dog leave the room.